Azila Talit Reisenberger

Azila Talit Reisenberger Mail
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Azila Talit Reisenberger is the Head of Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department at the University of Cape Town. She teaches and publishes in the field of Bible and Hebrew literature with a focus on Gender issues and the South African experience.

Reisenberger heads a comprehensive research of all Hebrew literature written in South Africa, which has evolved into international cooperation under the rubric of Minority Literature.

In addition to her two books (Women’s Spirituality in the Transformation of South Africa, New York/Munchen/Berlin, 2002; and Pride in Tradition through Acceptance – Jewish Identity in SA as reflected in Lison’s Stories, Pretext, 2005) and numerous academic publications, she has published four volumes of poetry and short stories in Hebrew and English, one of which won a prestigious literary prize in Israel.

For the past fifteen years, Reisenberger has served as a spiritual leader of the Jewish Progressive Community in East London, South Africa. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and three children.