Neo-Colonialism vs Liberation Struggle

John S. Saul


The further development of the liberation struggles which are underway in Angola, Guine, and Mozambique is creating a revolutionary nationalism very different from that earlier brand of nationalism which brought formal independence to African territories north of the Zambezi. This is a reality which supporters of these struggles and of the movements (MPLA, PAIGC, FRELIMO) which lead them must face unflinchingly, for it is at once these movements' greatest strength and a harbinger of future difficulties in their finally winning their freedom. In this paper we shall both specify, briefly, the character of this "revolutionary nationalism" as it finds expression in Angola, Guine and Mozambique, and examine a few of the broader implications of this pattern-its possible effect upon the rest of Africa, its likely impact upon the calculations of Portugal and her allies, its lessons for all those who would support the African cause.

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