Prayer and the Paganism: A new approach to Rosenzweig’s late philosophy

Takao Maruyama


The life and the work of Rosenzweig changed dramatically after the publication of “Der Stern der Erlösung”. Paralysis had changed his daily life completely, and, concerning his work, he started and thereafter concentrated on translating Hebrew texts. However, though one can observe this change easily, it is difficult to say, if it was accompanied by a substantial change of his thought itself, or it was just a change of an exterior situation or of style. For me, it seems reasonable to suppose a kind of substantial change, or serious deepening in his thought, when we see, for example, that he became sometimes even skeptical about his proud masterpiece. Prayer is an ideal topic to follow his theoretical development in that period, because it was not only one of the most important themes in the “Star”, but became even more important thereafter. In this essay, I will analyze the conception of prayer in his writings in relation to his theory of religions, and show some aspects of this change.

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