From a Local to a Global Perspective in Crime Writing: On Massimo Carlotto, Impegno, and Respiro corto

Enrichetta Lucilla Frezzato


Having conducted a thorough analysis of the social and economic environment of the Northeast of Italy and having exposed a scenario of widespread illegality and culpable collusion in his Alligatore series and noir novels, Massimo Carlotto concluded a narrative cycle by enlarging his object of analysis to a wider geographical area. This process culminates in Respiro corto (2012), which traces the most recent phases of the evolution of internationally organized crime marking the inextricability of the local and global dimensions in contemporary society. When placed within the context of the superimposing traditions of impegno and Italian crime writing, the presence of this component turns out to be particularly interesting insofar as its persistence introduces an innovative approach to both traditions.

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