Trans Lives Matter

Denio Lourenco


In Canada and across the globe, transgender people continue to be marginalized, simply for living their truth. Members of this community are often victims of discrimination and structural-racism in respect to; housing, employment, and government assistance. In Canada, only five provinces have implemented laws aimed to protect citizens on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. Due to the fact that the majority of Canadian provinces and territories do not have laws which protect Trans people; many employers, landlords, and government officials are legally able to discriminate against them. They are deprived of employment, shelter and support. In addition to discrimination, these individuals are also at a greater risk for violence and harassment. Further, trans women of color prove to be the most vulnerable within the transgender community leading with the highest homicide rates in the world (Human Rights Campaign). As a result of the rising rates of violence targeting this community, many activists have called for a trans state of emergency. It is evident due to the ill found nature of Canada’s legislative system, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code need to be amended in order to provide equal protection under the law, and address the current issues that are having disastrous effects on transgender community in Canada.

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