Erin Vearncombe

PRESENTER: Erin Vearncombe, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department for the Study of Religion

TITLE: Connecting Threads: Clothing and Identity in the Gospel of Mark

ABSTRACT:Clothing and adornment played a highly significant role in the structuring and communication of status and identity in the ancient Mediterranean in multiple social, economic, political and religious contexts. This significance is clearly visible in the gospel of Mark in the New Testament; items of dress form the backbone of the author's depiction of Jesus' identity in the contexts of teaching and miracles and in formative acts such as the transfiguration, the entry into Jerusalem and the crucifixion. When the social meanings of ancient dress are taken into account, the use of clothing in the portrayal of Jesus' identity in Mark becomes particularly noteworthy: Erin’s paper will examine Jesus’ identity, as he is "known" in Mark through his use or disuse of dress.