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UPCOMING: Mind & Timegen Special Issue 2013/2014

The 2013/2014 Special Issue of the Mind & Timegen series is currently in production.
The Mind & Timegen series is currently accepting contributions on any topic of interest in the area of education or knowledge in general. The manuscripts can be original papers, reviews of and responses to recent official publications. In keeping with the Mind & Time mission statement, we also invite presentations of recently defended theses, including one's own or somebody else's. Length: approximately 15,000 - 25,000 words for papers, 1,000 - 3,000 words for the rest.
For book reviews, you may consider a list of books available through the University of Toronto library system, or go with your own preferences pending the journal's approval. (NB! The PDF file with the list also contains links to samples of book reviews and response papers for easy reference.)
If a book being reviewed was published in French or another language, Mind & Time offers the option to publish the review bilingually, in English and in the original language.
IMPORTANT: Prior to submission of the manuscript, a PROPOSAL should be emailed to the Mind & Time manager at lynne.alexandrova@mail.utoronto.ca. For original papers, the proposal should include a working title and a projected outline, or even a preliminary draft, if available. For book reviews and response papers, the exact citations of one or more publications of interest, and a 20-50 word outline. For thesis presentations, either a 20-50 word outline, if the thesis is somebody else's, or the official thesis abstract if one's own. Please also include a draft of the author's/authors' academic profile(s), which is/are to accompany published contributions.
Author profile specifications: 50-150 words in length, including current affiliation and status, academic degrees, research interests and/or area of publications, link to institutional webpage, if available, and current institutional email address.


Mind & Timeedu Issue: [topic (un)related to a graduate course, e.g Faces of Democracy]
We are currently accepting manuscripts on topics related to theories of democracy. The issue is coedited by a team of graduate students, and will also benefit from the intellectual patronage of [instructor/faculty mentor], who has accepted to write the Introduction.
While the obvious contributions are to come from students who are taking or have taken UofT courses on a similar topic, admissions to the publication process are not constrained by a course enrolment criterion.
Interested authors are welcome to contact the M&T Manager (lynne.alexandrova@mail.utoronto.ca ) in order to register on the OR-forum site and create their Author Page. Registered participants will be able to consult there the publication schedule and overall process, including formatting guidelines, and instructions on how to use the site.