Queen Baby: A Collective Imagining of New Futures Through Interdependence

Vania Gonzalez Tanamachi


In this paper, I carefully examine King Baby, a children’s book that documents King
Baby’s path to “glory.” I ask, what bodies does King Baby envision as having a future of “glory”? What does a future of “glory” look like? How does King Baby construct the subject position of parents? I engage in these questions as a way to question our current understanding of disability and futurity, and the relationships and ways of being that such understandings enable and discourage. Arguing that our understanding of futurity is an oppressive neoliberal one that relies on the myth of independence and thus leaves many lives to wither, I explore how interdependence and new ways of understanding growth can help us re-imagine disabled futures.


parenting; neoliberalism; futurity; disability; interdependence

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