An economy of contradictions

Aysha Natsheh


This paper explores the economy of contradictions put forth by and evident in the
expanding market of biocapitalist enhancement instruments marketed at middle- and upper-class parents for their children, premised on the elimination of disability through neoliberal capacitation. I explicate how reading the proliferation of enhancement instruments, in their prevalent, contradictory, and ultimately futile nature, on and against the proliferation of disability and disabled (children’s) bodies/minds provides further insight into biocapital enhancement instruments themselves, as well as illuminates interdependency as a useful methodological tool
to bring bodies into our analyses of objects and instruments. Ultimately, what is revealed is a more complicated, comprehensive, and creative understanding of childhood, disability, our futures, relationality, intercorporeality, as well as the urgency and inexorability of interdependency for everyone, as relational beings, within this contemporary moment but also always.



disability; neoliberalism; biopolitics; enhancement; interdependency; futurity

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