Development of the SENAI Post-Secondary Sector in Brazil

David Wilson


The development of non-formal post-secondary institutions to train technicians and technologists by the National Industrial Learning Service, SENAI, is examined and compared to the formal university sector in Brazil. Two of the thirteen SENAI post-secondary training centres received assistance from The Canadian International Development Agency, which included both technical assistance from, and training of Brazilian instructors at, universities and Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario and post-secondary institutions in Qubec. SENAI is the worlds oldest
National Training Board and has augmented its practical training systems since its creation in 1942. The development of post-secondary technician and technologist training, plus a polyvalent model of research for and assistance to industry, has been the latest addition to the SENAI system. The post-secondary training centres compare favourably to single-purpose faculdades isoladas among Brazilian private universities.


colleges; post-secodnary school; CIDA; Brazilian higher education;

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Higher Education Perspectives. ISSN: 1710-1530