Queer(ing) Scholarly Research: Decentering Fixed Subjects for Implicated Subjectivities

David Vincent Ruffolo


Equity initiatives in higher education are committed to troubling the normative emphasis on equality that privileges the majoritized and subordinates the minoritized. This paper uses queer theory to decenter the fixed and stable identities of subjects in scholarly research and endorse, instead, mobile and fluid selves that consist of continuously re/negotiated identifications. The shift from identity politics to the politics of identity that this paper encourages creates new discursive spaces for research participants to engage a different form of agency. This agency is realized through the process of exposing how subjects are implicated in the practices that sustain and police collective identities. The radical political position of this paper draws from queer theory and aims to disturb binary identities in scholarly research in order to expose the notion that research subjects are implicated articulations of circulating norms


queer; queer theory; sexuality; gender; identity; agency; education; higher education;

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Higher Education Perspectives. ISSN: 1710-1530