Adult learners and success factors: a case study

Rhonda L Pyper, Charles H Belanger


This article compares the aspects of an educational program offered at Nipissing University through the Centre for Continuing Business Education (CCBE) against the guidelines for successful adult learning programs that were developed by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. Through the use of a survey, the students of the CCBE were asked to provide their opinions on the evidence of adult learning success factors from their experience with the program. The analysis of the results showed that the students did find evidence of these factors in the program, and other areas for further research were identified.

Cet article compare les aspects d'un programme d'ducation offert la Nipissing University par le truchement du Centre for Business Education (CCBE) en suivant les lignes directrices que le Council for Adult and Experiential Learning a laborer pour assurer le succs des programmes d'apprentissage pour adultes. Au moyen d'un questionnaire, et partir de leur exprience dans le programme, les tudiants du CCBE ont fourni leurs opinions sur les facteurs de succs de l'apprentissage des adultes. L'analyse des rsultats a montr que les tudiants avaient trouv ces facteurs dans le programme et a mis en vidence d'autres points mritant une tude approfondie.


adult learning; higher education; training; success factors; distance education

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Higher Education Perspectives. ISSN: 1710-1530