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Mackinder (author, second book), Anthony
MacLean, Sally-Beth
MacLean (book author), Sally-Beth
Maguire (book author), Laurie E.
Makaryk (book editor), Irena R.
Malin (review author), Peter
Manley, Lawrence
Mann, David
Marlow (book author), Christopher
Marsh (book author), Christopher
Marshall (book author), Tristan
Martin, Mathew R.
Martin, Randall
Martin (book editor), Mathew R.
Massai (book editor), Sonia
Mateer, David
Mathur, Maya
Matusiak, Christopher
McAdam (review author), Ian
McAlindon (book author), Tom
McCarthy (book editor), Andrew D.
McCarthy (review author), Harry R.
McCutcheon, Rebecca
McDermott, Kristen
McDermott (review author), Kristen
McGavin, John J.
McGee, C. Edward
McGee, C. E.
McGee (book editor), Timothy J.
McInnis, David
McInnis (book editor), David
McJannet (author and contributing editor), Linda
McJannet (book author), Linda
McJannet (contributing editor), Linda
McJannet (review author), Linda
McKinnell, John
McMillin, Scott
McMillin (book author), Scott
McNabb, Cameron Hunt
McPherson (book editor), Kathryn R.
Melnikoff (book editor), Kirk
Mengarelli, Stefano
Mentz (review author), Steve
Menzer (review author), Paul
Merback (book author), Mitchell B.
Meredith, Peter
Meskill (book author), Lynn S.
Middleton (book author), Thomas
Miller (review author), Anthony
Mills, David
Mills (book author), Robert
Minton (editor, second book), Gretchen E.
Mirabella, Bella
Mitchell, Heather S.
Miyoshi, Riki
Moisan (book editor), Thomas
Moncrief (book editor), Kathryn M.
Monsarrat (book editor), Gilles
Montgomery (review author), Marianne
Morrison (book editor), Sara
Mucciolo (book editor), John M.
Mueller, Sara
Mukherji (review author), Subha
Mullally (book author), Robert
Munro, Lucy
Munro (author and contributing editor), Lucy
Munro (book author), Lucy
Munro (contributing editor), Lucy
Munro (review author), Lucy
Murray (book author), Barbara A.
Murray (review author), Patrick J.
Murray (review author), Shannon
Myhill, Nova

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