Copyright Assignment

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To clarify the rights of the author and the BSC/SBC and thus insure protection of both, while at the same time facilitating the dissemination of research, the BSC/SBC requires an assignment of copyright from the authors whose work (The Work) it publishes. 

 In consideration of the fact that the BSC/SBC will publish my Work entitled:

 in the Papers/Cahiers  [ Vol, Issue, pages]

 1. I represent and warrant that I own and have not assigned elsewhere all rights to the Work.

 2. I hereby assign and transfer to the BSC/SBC all rights in and to the Work, including the worldwide copyright, translation rights, and the right to grant permission to reprint the Work.

 3. Without limiting the generality of article 3, the BSC/SBC may use or grant permission for the use of the Work in any future publication, including electronic and/or new media.

 4. The Author may use all or part of the Work for educational and research purposes, or in a work under his/her exclusive authorship or editorship subject only to suitable acknowledgement of its first publication by the BSC/SBC.

 5. Wherever possible, the BSC/SBC agrees to notify the Author of requests to reprint the Work by whatever means. It is the Author's responsibility to inform the BSC/SBC of any address changes.



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Please sign two copies , retain one copy and return one copy to: The Secretary, Bibliographical Society of Canada, 360 Bloor St West, PO Box 19035 WALMER, Toronto, ON  M5S 3C9  CANADA.