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Vol 5 (2008) Archimedes and the Roman Imagination Details   PDF
Mary Jaeger (book author), Stamatina Mastorakou (review author)
Vol 2 (2005) Archimedes: What Did He Do Besides Cry Eureka? Details   PDF
Sherman Stein (book author), Henry Mendell (review author)
Vol 2 (2005) Architecture and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt Details   PDF
Corinna Rossi (book author), Sarah Symons (review author)
Vol 4 (2007) Archytas of Tarentum: Pythagorean, Philosopher and Mathematician King Details   PDF
Carl A. Huffman (book author), Fabio Acerbi (review author)
Vol 6 (2009) Aristote au Mont-Saint-Michel. Les racines grecques de l'Europe chrétienne Details   PDF
Sylvain Gouguenheim (book author), Gad Freudenthal (review author)
Vol 10 (2013) Aristoteles, Meteorologica: Liber quartus. Translatio Henrici Aristippi Details   PDF
Elisa Rubino (book author), Lucio Pepe (review author)
Vol 1 (2004) Aristoteles chemicus: Il IV libro dei ’Meteorologica’ nella tradizione antica e medievale Details   PDF
Cristina Viano (book author), James G. Lennox (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) Aristoteles Latinus: Meteorologica. Translatio Guillelmi de Moerbeka Details   PDF
Gudrun Vuillemin-Diem (book author), Tiberiu Popa (review author)
Vol 10 (2013) Aristotelianism in the First Century BCE: Xenarchus of Seleucia Details   PDF
Andrea Falcon (book author), Sylvia Berryman (review author)
Vol 3 (2006) Aristotle and the Principle of Non-Contradiction Details   PDF
Gianluigi Pasquale (book author), Edward C. Halper (review author)
Vol 6 (2009) Aristotle on Life Details   PDF
John Mouracade (book editor), Mariska Leunissen (review author)
Vol 4 (2007) Aristotle on Teleology Details   PDF
Monte Ransome Johnson (book author), William Wians (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Aristotle: His Life and School Details   PDF
Carlo Natali (book author), D. S. Hutchinson (book editor), Robert Mayhew (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Aristotle’s Categories in the Byzantine, Arabic and Latin Traditions Details   PDF
Sten Ebbesen (book editor), John Marenbon (book editor), Paul Thom (book editor), Jonathan Barnes (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Aristotle’s Empiricism: Experience and Mechanics in the 4th Century BC Details   PDF
Jean De Groot (book author), Sylvia Berryman (review author)
Vol 9 (2012) Arithmetic in Sixteenth-Century Muscovy Details   PDF
Mark A. Tsayger (book author), Rem Aleksandrovich Simonov (review author), Michael Weiss (review translator)
Vol 3 (2006) Ars/Techne: Il manuale tecnico nelle civiltà greca e romana. Atti del Convegno Internazionale Università ’G. d’ Annunzio’ di Chieti-Pescara, 29-30 ottobre 2001 Details   PDF
Maria Silvana Celentano (book editor), Serafina Cuomo (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Artisan/Practitioners and the Rise of the New Sciences, 1400–1600 Details   PDF
Pamela O. Long (book author), Steven A. Walton (review author)
Vol 6 (2009) Asklepios, Medicine, and the Politics of Healing in Fifth-Century Greece: Between Craft and Cult Details   PDF
Bronwen L. Wickkiser (book author), Vivian Nutton (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Astrolabes from Medieval Europe Details   PDF
David A. King (book author), Sara J. Schechner (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) Astrologia. Opere a stampa (1472-1900) Details   PDF
Leandro Cantamessa (book author), Patrice Guinard (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Astrology and Magic from the Medieval Latin and Islamic World to Renaissance Europe: Theories and Approaches Details   PDF
Paola Zambelli (book author), Steven Vanden Broecke (review author)
Vol 4 (2007) Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from Babylonia Including Materials by Abraham J. Sachs: Volume VI. Goal Year Texts Details   PDF
Hermann Hunger (book editor), John M. Steele (review author)
Vol 3 (2006) Astronomies and Cultures in Early Medieval Europe Details   PDF
Stephen C. McCluskey (book author), Daryn Lehoux (review author)
Vol 6 (2009) Astronomy and Astrology in al-Andalus and the Mahgrib Details   PDF
Julio Samsó (book author), J. L. Mancha (review author)
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