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Vol 1 (2004) The Way and the Word: Science and Medicine in Early China and Greece Details   PDF
Geoffrey Lloyd (book author), Nathan Sivin (book author), Paul T. Keyser (review author)
Vol 1 (2004) The Works of Archimedes: Volume I. The Two Books on the Sphere and the Cylinder Details   PDF
Reviel Netz (book author), Nathan Sidoli (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) The Worlds of Oronce Fine: Mathematics, Instruments and Print in Renaissance France Details   PDF
Alexander Marr (book editor), Bernardo Mota (review author)
Vol 9 (2012) Theodosius, Sphaerica: Arabic and Medieval Latin Translations Details   PDF
Paul Kunitzsch (book author), Richard Lorch (book author), Sonja Brentjes (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Théophraste. Les causes des phénomènes végétaux. Tome I. Livres I et II Details   PDF
Suzanne Amigues (book author), Laurence Totelin (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) Theophrastus and His World Details   PDF
Paul Millett (book author), Ivo Volt (review author)
Vol 4 (2007) Theophrastus on Weather Signs Details   PDF
David Sider (book editor), Carl Wolfram Brunschön (book editor), Harry M. Hine (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) Thomas Bradwardine, Traité des rapports entre les rapidités dans les mouvements suivi de Nicole Oresme, Sur les rapports de rapports. Introduction, traduction, et commentaire Details   PDF
Sabine Rommevaux (book author), Edith Dudley Sylla (review author)
Vol 10 (2013) Thomas Harriot and His World: Mathematics, Exploration, and Natural Philosophy in Early Modern England Details   PDF
Robert Fox (book editor), Scott Hyslop (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) Through a Glass Darkly: Magic, Dreams and Prophecy in Ancient Egypt Details   PDF
Kasia Szpakowska (book editor), Jacco Dieleman (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) Two Hippocratic Treatises, On Sight and On Anatomy, Edited and Translated with Introduction and Commentary Details   PDF
Elizabeth M. Craik (book author), Claudio Schiano (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) Une conquête des savoirs. Les traductions dans l'Europe latine (fin du XIe siècle - milieu du XIIIe siècle) Details   PDF
Max Lejbowicz (book editor), Faith Wallis (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) Unexpected Links between Egyptian and Babylonian Mathematics and Amazing Traces of a Babylonian Origin in Greek Mathematics Details   PDF
Jöran Friberg (book author), Nathan Sidoli (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) Untersuchungen zur hippokratischen Schrift „Über die alte Heilkunst“ Details   PDF
Brice Maucolin (book author), Joel E. Mann (review author)
Vol 12 (2015) Venus Seen on the Sun: The First Observation of a Transit of Venus Details   PDF
Jeremiah Horrocks (book author), Wilbur Applebaum (book translator), Paolo Palmieri (review author)
Vol 2 (2005) Vitruvius: Writing the Body of Architecture Details   PDF
Indra Kagis McEwen (book author), Lee Ann Riccardi (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) When the Gods Were Born: Greek Cosmogonies and the Near East Details   PDF
Carolina López-Ruiz (book author), Johannes Haubold (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) Worldviews: An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science Details   PDF
Richard DeWitt (book author), Jutta Schickore (review author)
Vol 10 (2013) Writing Science: Medical and Mathematical Authorship in Ancient Greece Details   PDF
Markus Asper (book editor), Anna-Maria R. Kanthak (book editor), Jacqueline Feke (review author)
Vol 9 (2012) Writings of Early Scholars in the Ancient Near East, Egypt, Rome, and Greece: Translating Ancient Scientific Texts Details   PDF
Annette Imhausen (book author), Tanja Pommerening (book author), Markus Asper (review author)
Vol 10 (2013) Πτολεμαίου Πρόχειροι Κανόνεϲ. Les «Tables Faciles» de Ptolémée/Ptolemy’s Handy Tables. Tables A1–A2 Details   PDF
Anne Tihon (book author), Raymond Mercier (book author), José Chabás (review author)
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