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Vol 2 (2005) The Midwife of Platonism: Text and Subtext in Plato’s Theaetetus Details   PDF
David Sedley (book author), Ronald Polansky (review author)
Vol 7 (2010) The Mirror, the Window, and the Telescope: How Renaissance Linear Perspective Changed Our Vision of the Universe Details   PDF
Samuel Y. Edgerton (book author), Richard Oosterhoff (review author)
Vol 9 (2012) The Monochord in Ancient Greek Harmonic Science Details   PDF
David Creese (book author), Stefan Hagel (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) The Moon that Wasn't: The Saga of Venus' Spurious Satellite Details   PDF
Helge Kragh (book author), Kurt Møller Pedersen (book author), Curtis Wilson (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) The Occult Sciences in Byzantium Details   PDF
Paul Magdalino (book editor), Maria Mavroudi (book editor), Joel T. Walker (review author)
Vol 6 (2009) The Other Mathematics: Language and Logic in Egyptian and in General Details   PDF
Leo Depuydt (book author), Micah T. Ross (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) The Oxford Handbook of Engineering and Technology in the Classical World Details   PDF
J. P. Oleson (book author), T. E. Rihll (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) The Oxford Handbook of the History of Mathematics Details   PDF
Eleanor Robson (book editor), Jacqueline Stedall (book editor), Jens Høyrup (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) The Philosophy of Gemistos Plethon: Platonism in Late Byzantium, between Hellenism and Orthodoxy Details   PDF
Vojtěch Hladký (book author), Börje Bydén (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) The Principles of Arab Navigation Details   PDF
Anthony R. Constable (book editor), William Facey (book editor), J. L. Berggren (review author)
Vol 9 (2012) The Professors of Secrets: Mystery, Medicine, and Alchemy in Renaissance Italy Details   PDF
William Eamon (book author), Allison Kavey (review author)
Vol 2 (2005) The Roman Empire at Bay: AD 180-395 Details   PDF
David S. Potter (book author), Richard Lim (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece Details   PDF
Andrew Barker (book author), Massimo Raffa (review author)
Vol 4 (2007) The Secret History of Hermes Trismegistus: Hermeticism from Ancient to Modern Times. Foreword by Jan Assman. Translated by David Lorton Details   PDF
Florian Ebeling (book author), Kevin van Bladel (review author)
Vol 4 (2007) The Stoics on Determinism and Compatibilism Details   PDF
Ricardo Salles (book author), Margaret Graver (review author)
Vol 5 (2008) The Symbol at Your Door: Number and Geometry in Religious Architecture in the Greek and Latin Middle Ages Details   PDF
Nigel Hiscock (book author), Indra Kagis McEwen (review author)
Vol 9 (2012) The Symptom and the Subject: The Emergence of the Physical Body in Ancient Greece Details   PDF
Brooke Holmes (book author), Susan H. Prince (review author)
Vol 10 (2013) The Teachings of Syrianus on Plato’s Timaeus and Parmenides Details   PDF
Sarah Klitenic Wear (book author), Dirk Baltzly (review author)
Vol 4 (2007) The Telescope: Its History, Technology, and Future Details   PDF
Geoff Andersen (book author), Duane H. Jaecks (review author)
Vol 1 (2004) The Way and the Word: Science and Medicine in Early China and Greece Details   PDF
Geoffrey Lloyd (book author), Nathan Sivin (book author), Paul T. Keyser (review author)
Vol 1 (2004) The Works of Archimedes: Volume I. The Two Books on the Sphere and the Cylinder Details   PDF
Reviel Netz (book author), Nathan Sidoli (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) The Worlds of Oronce Fine: Mathematics, Instruments and Print in Renaissance France Details   PDF
Alexander Marr (book editor), Bernardo Mota (review author)
Vol 9 (2012) Theodosius, Sphaerica: Arabic and Medieval Latin Translations Details   PDF
Paul Kunitzsch (book author), Richard Lorch (book author), Sonja Brentjes (review author)
Vol 11 (2014) Théophraste. Les causes des phénomènes végétaux. Tome I. Livres I et II Details   PDF
Suzanne Amigues (book author), Laurence Totelin (review author)
Vol 8 (2011) Theophrastus and His World Details   PDF
Paul Millett (book author), Ivo Volt (review author)
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