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Journal Publishing Guide

Managing Your Journal

You can set up simple or complex workflows with JPS. Much depends on how well-established your journal is and how many people you have available to complete various tasks. 

One person with a mix of technical and editorial skills can manage all the operations of a journal but we recommend a team of two or three in order to distribute the work more equitably and efficiently.

Consider having separate people to handle 

User Roles

The JPS workflow is built on the concept of roles. Members of the editorial team can play more than one role and it is quite common to switch between roles in order to complete tasks.  For more information on roles, see the Open Journal Systems: A Complete Guide to Online Publishing

You do not need to have a specific individual assigned to each role. Open Access Journals will require fewer roles to manage publication tasks. Subscription journals require additional steps to define and manage subscriber information and reader access.


Open Access Model

Subscription Model

Required roles

Full OJS submission & review process

Manual submission & review process

Full OJS submission & review process

Manual submission & review process

Journal Manager


Subscription Manager









Section Editor





Copy Editor





Layout Editor








The Big Picture

Editoral Process (Source: PKP)