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Journal Publishing Guide

Getting Started with JPS

[Please note that as we are preparing for system upgrade, creation of new journal sites is temporarily on hold and will resume after the upgrade in the summer of 2018. In the meantime you are welcome to discuss you journal idea with us, submit an application, and attend our training session to learn the new platform. With questions or concerns please contact JPS staff]

The University of Toronto Libraries's Journal Production Services (JPS) provide free hosting and technical support for journals that:

To start publishing a journal on the JPS platform, please follow these steps:

  1. Asses your readiness and plan ahead

    Thorough planning is crucial to ensure your journal's smooth launch and long term success. Here are some resources to help you tackle the essential planning questions prior to the website set up:

    If you would like to discuss starting a journal or transitioning to JPS in person, contact the JPS staff to schedule an appointment.

  2. Tell us about your journal

    Fill out the JPS Worksheet Section I to provide us with the information needed for the website set up, and email it to JPS staff.

  3. Sign the service agreement

    Once the JPS staff have reviewed your application, sign and submit the Service Agreement Form, which outlines both the University of Toronto Libraries' and the Journal Publisher's (the team who creates the journal) responsibilities.

  4. Set up your journal's website

    The JPS staff will create a journal shell and provide authorization to the person you designate as the Journal Manager. That person will receive login information and will be able to start setting up and customizing the journal. Your journal will be non-public until you are ready to go live.

Next steps

Once your journal is created, we suggest beginning by setting up your journal and designating an editorial team (see setup, design, management, and help pages for more information).

Take a free video course for journal managers and editors to familiarize yourself with the publishing platform, and refer to the user guide for additional information (see links on the help page).

To maintain a successful journal, please continue to educate yourself about open access publishing by reading Guides for OA Journal Publishers.

If you have any questions, please contact the JPS staff.