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Journal Publishing Guide


As part of the University of Toronto Libraries' (UTL) commitment to increasing open access to research, the UTL are using Open Journal Systems (OJS) to provide online hosting for academic journals created by U of T faculty, staff, and students. OJS is a collaborative, open source software project maintaned by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). The UTL uses OJS software for maintaining Journal Production Services (JPS), which is UTL's website for hosting journals.

The purpose of Journal Production Services (JPS) is to assist University of Toronto's faculty during each stage of the publishing process, from submission through to online publication. JPS allows you to retain a great deal of control over your journals’ content and policies. You can create journals with your own policies, submission requirements, and website designs, simply by filling out form fields, see example below.

Sreenshot of focus and scope web form

You can also configure the editorial process of the journal, manage all online submissions, and install delayed open access options.

The JPS site is an excellent means of increasing the visibility and influence of faculty members’ open-access journals, as it permits any user to browse and search for specific content by journal, author, title, full-text, date, discipline, and keyword.

Please note that all journals supported by the UTL must make some or all of their articles openly accessible.

Below are some samples of journals hosted by the UTL. Visit the JPS website to see U of T's full collection of JPS journals.

Sample Journals

Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme

Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme

Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme is multidisciplinary, bilingual, quartarly, and peer-reviewed that publishes articles and reviews about Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern world and circulates to more than 460 research libraries.

Clinical and Investigative Medicine

Clinical and Investigative Medicine

Clinical and Investigative Medicine publishes original clinical and laboratory investigations and clinical reports. In addition to this original work, Clinical and Investigative Medicine publishes reviews, including meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and narrative review articles. All contents from this journal become open access 6 months after their publication.