Anti-capitalist Analytical Fusion: Science, Pedagogy and Revolution

Arturo Rodriguez


In this paper I review recent work in neo-liberalism and science education as they relate to critical socialanalysis. I take the position that under neo-liberalism, education in general and science and technology ineducation in particular press the energies of teachers toward the production of workers, the everyday toolsfor the expansion of empires, the police state and the war machine. This is by no means a comprehensiveview of the field, instead it is an exploration in the further development of a personal critical revolutionarypraxis standing in solidarity of pedagogies that are progressive, activism oriented that seek to promote therevolutionary project. A radical departure from the stricture of academic journal writing this paper reflectsthe critical voice I have been developing over the last several years. It is a fusion of auto-ethnography,critical social theory and free verse.

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