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Rist (book author), Thomas
Ritchie (review author), Fiona
Roberts (review author), Jeanne A.
Roberts-Smith, Jennifer
Roberts-Smith (review author), Jennifer
Robertson (book editor), Karen
Rochester, Joanne M.
Rogers (review author), Jami
Rogerson, Margaret
Rogerson (review author), Margaret
Ruiter (book author), David
Rutter, Tom
Rutter (author and contributing editor), Tom
Rutter (contributing editor), Tom
Rutter (review author), Tom
Rycroft (review author), Eleanor


Salkeld, Duncan
Sanders (book author), Julie
Sandis (review author), Elizabeth
Sasser (review author), M. Tyler
Sawyer, Karen
Schafer (author and contributing editor), Elizabeth
Schafer (contributing editor), Elizabeth
Schalkwyk (review author), David
Schmitt, Natalie Crohn
Schneider (book author), Federico
Schreyer (book author), Kurt A.
Schwyzer (book author), Philip
Scott, Amy
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Virginia
Scott (book author), Charlotte
Scott (book author), Virginia
Scoville (book author), Chester N.
Scoville (review author), Chester N.
Sebastian (book editor), John T.
Senyshyn, Dimitry A.
Shand (book editor), G. B.
Shapiro (book author), James
Shepard (book author), Alan
Shewring (book editor), Margaret
Shirley (book editor), Frances A.
Silverstone (review author), Catherine
Slights (book author), William W. E.
Slotkin, Joel Elliot
Smith (book author), Bruce R.
Smith (book author), Helen
Smith (book editor), Bruce R.
Smith (review author), Helen
Smith (review author), Peter J.
Smout, Clare
Solberg, Emma Maggie
Solga (book author), Kim
Southworth (book author), John
Spain-Savage, Christi
Spiekerman (review author), Tim
Sponsler (review author), Claire
Stanev, Hristomir A.
Stanivukovic (review author), Goran V.
Stanton, Kamille Stone
Steenbrugge, Charlotte
Steggle, Matthew
Steggle (book author), Matthew
Steggle (book editor), Matthew
Stelzer, Emanuel
Stewart (book editor), Stanley
Stockden, Owen
Stokes, James
Straznicky, Marta
Straznicky (book author), Marta
Straznicky (review author), Marta
Streitberger, W. R.
Streitberger (book author), W. R.
Sugar, Gabrielle
Sullivan, Jr. (book author), Garret A.
Syme (review author), Holger Schott


Taylor (book editor), Gary
Teramura, Misha
Theile (book editor), Verena
Thomas (review author), Miranda Fay
Thompson (book author), Ayanna
Thomson, Leslie
Thomson (book author), Leslie
Thorne (book author), Alison
Tigner, Amy L.
Tiner, Elza C.
Tittler, Robert
Tolmie, Jane
Tomlin, Rebecca
Tompkins, J. Case
Traister (review author), Barbara H.
Treanor (review author), Sister Lucia


Uman (book editor), Deborah


van Es (book author), Bart
Van Pelt, Nadia Thérèse
Vanhoutte (book author), Jacqueline
Vanhoutte (review author), Jacqueline
Vaughan (book author), Alden T.
Vaughan (book author), Virginia Mason
Vaughan (review author), Virginia Mason
Vickers (book author), Brian
Vickers (book editor), Brian
Vidler, Laura L.


Wall (review author), Wendy
Waller (review author), Gary
Walsh, Martin W.
Walsh (book author), Brian
Waltz, Gwendolyn
Wardell, Francis
Warkentin (book editor), Germaine
Warrick, John A.
Wassersug (review author), Yolana
Watt (book editor), R. J. C.
Weil (book author), Judith
Weil (review author), Judith
Weimann (book author), Robert
Weis (review author), René
Wells (book editor), Stanley
West (book editor), William
Westfall, Suzanne
Wharton (book editor), T. F.
Whipday, Emma
White, Eileen
White (book author), Paul Whitfield
Whitney (review author), Charles
Whitted, Brent E.
Wickham (book editor), Glynne
Wiggins (book author), Martin
Williams, William Proctor
Williams (book author), Deanne
Williamson (book editor), Elizabeth
Wilson (book author), Richard
Windle, Jean-Sébastien
Winerock (review author), E. F.
Winerock (review author), Emily F.
Winston, Jessica
Womack (review author), Peter
Wong, Katrine K.
Woo (book author), Celestine
Woodbridge (review author), Linda
Wray, Ramona
Wright, Stephen K.
Wright (review author), Clare


Yachnin (author and contributing editor), Paul
Yachnin (book author), Paul
Yachnin (contributing editor), Paul
Yachnin (review author), Paul
Yearling (book author), Rebecca
Yiu, Mimi
Young (review author), Abigail Ann


Zimmerman (journal book review editor), Susan

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