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Callaghan (book editor), Dympna
Callegari (book editor and translator), Danielle
Campagnol (book author), Isabella
Campbell (book editor), Julie D.
Campbell (review author), Julie D.
Campbell (review author), Mary Baine
Capern (review author), Amanda L.
Capp (review author), Bernard
Carlyle, Margaret
Carretta (review author), Vincent
Carrión (book author), María Mercedes
Carvajal (book editor), Esther Alegre
Castiglione, Caroline
Caswell, Marisha
Chandler, Abby
Chandler (book author), Abby
Chang (book author), Leah L.
Chang (review author), Leah
Chedgzoy, Kate
Chedgzoy (book author), Kate
Chojnacka (review author), Monica
Cholakian (book editor and translator), Rouben
Christensen, Ann
Christman (review author), Victoria
Churchill (book author), Wendy D.
Cislo (review author), Amy Eisen
Classen (book author), Albrecht
Clifford (book author), Anne
Cody (review author), Lisa Forman
Cogan (book author), Gina
Cohen, Elizabeth S.
Cohen (review author), Leonardo
Coldiron (review author), A. E. B.
Coles (book author), Kimberly Anne
Coletti, Theresa
Collier (review author), Jackie
Conger (review author), Vivian Bruce
Conley, John J.
Conley (author, second book), John
Conley (review author), John J.
Conley, S.J. (review author), John J.
Connolly, Courtney
Conroy (book author), Derval
Contini, Roberto
Cooke Hoby Russell (book author), Elizabeth
Coolahan, Marie-Louise
Coolahan (review author), Marie-Louise
Coolidge (review author), Grace E.
Corness (book editor and translator), Patrick John
Couchman (book editor), Jane
Couchman (review author), Jane
Cox (book author), Virginia
Coy (review author), Jason P.
Crabb, Ann
Crabb (book author), Ann
Crabb (book editor), Ann
Crabb (review author), Ann
Cranston, Jodi
Crawford (book author), Julie
Crawford (review author), Katherine
Crow, Andrea
Cruz, Anne J.
Cruz (book editor), Anne J.
Cuneo (review author), Pia F.
Cunnar (review author), Eugene R.
Cunningham (review author), Karen J.
Cusick, Suzanne
Cusick (book author), Suzanne G.

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